Business coach in Milan: fulfilling potential and experiencing personal change in full awareness

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Irene Donata Ferri is a Milan-based business coach focused on personnel management, selection and development. Irene is also a sales, commercial, communications and negotiation consultant. Over the years she has supported managers and teams in well-known businesses by developing structured ad hoc development programmes for professional development and performance improvement. Her starting point is the graphological analysis of each individual. The skills and knowledge acquired by Irene studying psychological sciences and techniques, in combination with her specific HR management training, make her an ideal partner for professionals and teams that want to start a mentoring programme in communications and managerial motivation.

Training and coaching experiences are developed on the basis of the change objectives of each individual and of scientific graphological analysis. A roadmap for improvement and expression of the inner reality of each individual is then developed on these solid foundations. The objective is to explore hidden potential, maximising and enhancing the unique features of each individual. The person is always at the centre of the process. Irene also supports HR professionals for staff selection consultations; via the graphological analysis of candidates she is able to identify strengths and weaknesses, personality traits and planning skills that would not be evident in a curriculum or an interview.
Unexpressed features are no longer an obstacle, but they become a starting point and strength to develop a path for growth via a unique method that combines traditional mentoring and enhancement of interior energy in full awareness. It is a path of improvement and development where the individual is no longer a passive spectator of negative or difficult circumstances but an active player who can overcome any obstacle with awareness, confidence and method.

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