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Coaching for managers: a guide to help you improve performance and see professional challenges in a new light

Irene Donata Ferri is a manager coach who provides tools and develops one-to-one mentoring sessions for professionals (top managers and directors) who want to start a conscious path of change in their management of leadership styles and teams. IDF Communications helps key professionals face new personal and professional development challenges to improve and gain full awareness during critical decision making processes. The executive coaching sessions are developed individually after careful analysis of personality and of specific objectives, in order to achieve solid results that remain valuable over time.

IDF Communications’ manager coaching will help you:

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“Irene led me to want to write and to find fun in a social world that seemed only invasive to me. All you have to do is coaching, she is not in your writings, she accompanies and guides, but what comes out is new and really yours , I do it for myself too. And I’m not bad at all! Thanks IDIEFFE! “

Patrizia Bortolin

Spa Director e Wellness Coach

“Irene brilliantly embodies the figure of the coach. She is a true passionate expert in her field and is able to leverage her creativity to constantly motivate you and provide you with real examples and cases to gently lead you to a successful result! It was truly a nice to have Irene as a coach. “

Claudio Sesto

Head Pool, Catenate