Business coaching and tailored programmes to tackle professional challenges in full awareness

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IDF Communications is an established consultancy specialised in business coaching and personal growth strategies designed to improve manager performance via structured training modules developed to achieve change objectives.

The uniqueness and value of each individual, in combination with an openness to new challenges, are the founding blocks of IDF Communications’ training that develops and follows-on from interior development roadmaps with a multidisciplinary approach to improve mental and physical well-being.

Coaching for managers

IDF Communications helps key professionals face new personal and professional development challenges to improve and gain full awareness during critical decision making processes.

team coaching

The team coaching courses offered by IDF Communications are designed for all those businesses (in different sectors) that need to improve performance and interactions between team members, to make the team united, focused and successful.


IDF Communications is well-established among all businesses (small or large) and start-ups that are looking for professional advertising consultancy support.


IDF Communications offers personalised services for professionals, managers and salespeople who have decided to start on a new professional path and relaunch their profiles after a break.

outside the box

IDF Communications offers one-to-one tailored coaching sessions to managers and professionals who need to rediscover energy and motivation in order to face everyday life.

business coach

idf communications coach

Irene Donata Ferri, founder of IDF Communications and business coach, explores the hidden potential of managers and professionals via the development of unique programmes that begin with graphological analysis. This is a solid technical starting point that identifies an ad hoc growth roadmap to tackle different daily situations and professional challenges with confidence and method.

“Irene led me to want to write and to find fun in a social world that seemed to me only invasive. You only have the coaching left, she is not in your writings, she accompanies and guides, but what comes out is new and really yours , I do it for myself too. And I’m not bad at all! Thanks IDIEFFE! “

Patrizia Bortolin

Spa Director e Wellness Coach

“Irene brilliantly embodies the figure of the coach. She is a true passionate expert in her field and is able to leverage her creativity to constantly motivate you and provide you with real examples and cases to gently lead you to a successful result! It was truly a nice to have Irene as a coach. “

Claudio Sesto

Head Pool, Catenate

“With Irene in a short time I reached all my management training goals. Her graphological analysis was the truest after many useless years of assessment.”

Elena Colombo

Ad, Sesto Autoveicoli

“Irene is one of those people for whom the polyvalent adjective takes on a full and rich meaning. In fact, I have rarely met a communication professional who mastered the subject so thoroughly.”

Alessandro Scuratti

Marketing and communications expert,
Author of Scrivere per il Web

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